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Cafeteria Muslim Food Singapore 918141
  Tel: 9745-9745
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  Terms & Conditions

In the instance that you need to cancel your event, the following conditions will apply:

All cancellations must be made by telephone, in the first instance and then confirmed in writing or by email. The Event will only be cancelled when the Client is receipt of a Cancellation Acceptance from FM Food, which will either be a written letter or an email from us.

If the Client shall cancel or be deemed to cancel the Event less than ONE WEEK but more than three days prior to the Event Date specified in the quotation, then the Client shall be liable to pay 50% of the Total Costs in addition to all out of pocket disbursements or costs of FM Food in relation to the proposed provision of our Services, credit being given for any Payment on account paid.

If the Client shall cancel or be deemed to cancel the Event less than THREE DAYS prior to the Event Date specified in the quotation, then the Client shall remain liable to pay 80% of the Total Costs.

Where circumstances beyond FM Food controls prevent us from fulfilling any obligations, We will, by notice in writing to the Client, to terminate the Contract and return to the Client balance half of the Payment on Account remaining after settlement of all or any costs, howsoever incurred in respect of the provision of our Services.


FM Food confirms that they have and will maintain sufficient Public Safety Measures as per National Environment Agency (NEA) for events of the nature of the booking. A copy of the NEA License is available upon request.

FM Food follows strict National Environment Agency (NEA) guidelines for all food production, handling, storage and distribution and dealings with our clients and their guests. Our policy, based on these guidelines, restricts the service of foodstuffs to a maximum of six hours after being served/ delivered from or by us. FM Food advise that all food must be consumed after four hours of initial serving, therefore any food consumed after four or more hours of it first being served is at the clients discretion and therefore becomes their responsibility.

When FM Food uses the client's kitchen facilities, they will be thoroughly reviewed prior to the Event but if they are deemed to be unusable under NEA standard regulations on the Event Date then FM Food will accept no liability for cancellation of the Event.

Payment Terms

As many costs are incurred on your behalf prior to the event date, FM Food has the following payment terms:

A deposit, based on a minimum of 50% of total quotation costs, is required immediately to confirm your event.

Full prepayment of all known costs is payable on same day of your event.

Any outstanding accounts of 30 days will incur interest at 10% above the SIBOR Base Rate, of the total invoice.

Corporate accounts are required to be settled in full within 30 days of the Invoice Date (Credit Terms).
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